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About Me! (Chris Rose)

Hi, my name is Chris Rose, currently studying with CIDBT, and founder of the Guild of Canine Evolution.

Over the past 4 years I have built up a client base on recommendations and you can read their many comments in my guest book, the guest book can be found under the menu labelled More!

Natural Choice For Dog Training

Clients who have used me to help with their dogs call me a dog whisperer. The methods I use for training dogs comes from within and based on proven natural techniques that work. You could call it common sense dog training. Some of my methods are based around how dogs communicate and other techniques have been acquired through study. All natural and proven.

Changing Dogs Behaviour

There is a lot of frustration for dog handlers and owners whose dogs are acting in a way that causes them embarrassment or are just at their wits end to find a solution to their dog's behaviour. That's where a professional dog trainer like myself comes in to help the owner to gain an understanding of why it has reached this point and the reasons why, but more importantly how to resolve them.

Through The Eyes Of The Dog

I see my role as a professional trainer to defend the dog and give explanations from the dog's point of view as well. For dog owners to achieve success and to gain the bond they require with their dog, it is important that owners get the understanding from the dog's point of view. This has been the success and foundation of my work. Plus owners really enjoy this insight.

Intelligence Behind Dog Owning

After the consultation many clients feel they have a real understanding of their dog's behaviour and clarity on how to progress. In fact I wouldn't leave any client's house unless I was 100% certain that they were comfortable and have the knowledge to take things forward. Follow up support is always given though and clients can contact me anytime. 

Every Breed, Every Dog

So no matter what dog breed or dog problem you have, give me a call or contact me through the contact form on this site, you never know, with some advice you might not need a visit from a dog trainer.

Chris Rose 

Founder of Chris Rose Dog Training and The Guild Of Canine Evolution. 

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Contact Chris Rose:
07917 164402